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Our Services

We are problem solvers, and more. Our focus is on your needs, from the most immediate to the long-term, and we provide the experts and the guidance to solve those problems. But also, we work with you as a team in a systems approach to lean-continuous process improvement (lean-CPI), to transfer knowledge, develop your expertise and transform your culture. We provide you the tools to sustain change and continue improvement with a full range of lean-CPI services, including:

Our Successes

When a heavy equipment manufacturer needed to implement an andon-driven production system in several European facilities, TSD and the client worked to align the organization, transform the culture and adopt a systems-based approach to lean.

When process times for patients and staff needed improvement in a US Air Force Flight Medicine facility, TSD worked closely with the stakeholders gathering data, mapping current and future states, developing a plan, and putting it into effect with significant results.

News & Events

John Allen, internationally recognized change management expert and TSD’s Chairman, continues with the second article in a 5-part series on the “Role of Culture in Lean.” Download the second part here (link to attached article) and we’ll forward the remaining installments to your email as they are released. If you missed the first, contact John and he will email it to you.