MAS Holdings

International apparel manufacturer with over 40,000 employees worldwide


The objectives were to design and implement a lean systems transformation in a single facility that would serve as a model and teaching resource for the eventual expansion of lean throughout an organization with 29 plants. This included rolling out a custom-designed standard operating system throughout the manufacturing operations, expanding the transformation into the non-manufacturing side, and incorporating a drive on total cost to improve the organization’s competitive advantage.


TSD chartered an agreement for an implementation project in one facility, providing a solid baseline for developing an approach that allowed flexibility for the future projects. There were agreed-upon deliverables for successive transformation projects. Each deliverable had dedicated client champions from within the manufacturing value stream as well as a committed full-time implementation team, which TSD mentored, coached and coordinated. Regular reviews of the project’s performance ensured focused attention on the necessary initiatives. TSD employed an extensive certification program that included training in lean tools and systems and their practical application. Each sensei was required to complete a final Advanced Kaizen project that included building a business case and leading a team to accomplish the agreed upon objective – reducing cost and demonstrating a return on investment. A key element of each project was to directly involving each factory’s top management in the transformation.


The primary result was the implementation of a standard operating system, accomplished by working closely with the client’s carefully developed internal experts. Results also included an on-going training and education program with client’s internal trainers who conducted training modules for the entire organization’s multiple facilities, saturating all organizational levels including the total value-add level operators.

Return on Investment

10 fold return