Egyptian holding company with subsidiaries manufacturing diverse products such as home appliances, stone, plastics, metals and circuit boards (over 2,000 personnel).


The objectives of this project were to roll out lean-continuous process improvement tools and techniques across a dozen subsidiary sites simultaneously, provide measurable improvements, change culture and develop a certified corps of in-house experts that could sustain and promote change across the organization.


We combined the Toyota-based metric driven approach of integrated training, certification, implementation-improvement events and mentorship, with:

  • Lean Corporate Teams – Participants from multiple sites became Subject Matter Experts or champions of certain tools or methods and took responsibility for their implementation across several sites.
  • Lean Implementation Field Guides – Used by Subject Matter Experts, these documents detailed objectives, plans, roles, responsibilities and guidelines for specific tools.
  • Supply Chain Council – Chaired by the CEO, this council reviewed and improved the relationship between the factory sites and their respective supplier networks.
  • Advance Quality Operating system – A quality operating system incorporating all aspects from product design, maintenance, production first time quality and quality confirmation.


The program resulted in significant cultural changes and consistent improvements, as shown by our quarterly plant assessments. We engaged the workforce to develop a system-wide view of improvement rather than working on isolated efficiencies.  The results included a rise in overall equipment effectiveness of 20 to 50%, a rise in quality (first-time-through) of 15 to 30%, a reduction in work-in-process by 50%, and the saving of nearly 10,000 square feet of floor space.

Return on Investment

Significant but confidential