United States Air Force Base


Improve administrative activities required to process officer and enlisted personnel performance reviews, from 90% to 100% on time rate.  This was needed since performance evaluations directly affect the progression in rank. The number of people hours spent in the process was excessive.


Because of the complexity of the process, root causes were unknown.  Therefore, prior to problem solving activities, the team of subject material experts spent one week beginning with lean training, creating a current state map, identifying opportunities for improvement, creating a future state map and developing the implementation plan. Our goal was to achieve 100% on-time evaluations within 90 days with 30% reduction in lead-time and 45% reduction in touch time.

The solutions deployed were:

  • Value stream mapping
  • Problem solving
  • Training, monitoring results with feedback, leadership setting an example
  • Effective and timely electronic form implementation
  • Migration from hardcopy routing to electronic routing and ensuring only the “right” people see evaluation (IT implemented the system change in 30 days with appropriate security).


  • Time-in-process was reduced from 1300 hours to 600 hours.
  • “Touch time” was reduced from 32 hours to 10 hours.
  • Process steps were reduced from 93 to 46.
  • A 10% late completion rate was eliminated.

Return on Investment

Significant but confidential