TSD has extensive experience designing and conducting customized lean certification programs for all manner of commercial and governmental organizations. Our customized programs can be structured to target any or all levels of expertise:

  • Beginner (Yellow Belt)
  • Intermediate (Green Belt)
  • Advanced (Black Belt, Master Black Belt)
  • Master (Sensei)

At each level, we transfer knowledge of the systems approach to lean-continuous process improvement and the implementation of a problem-solving culture with a full range of techniques, from simulations and classroom instruction to integrated training-improvement events to graded projects and qualifying exams. Our programs are conducted both on and off your site and care is taken to incorporate the real-life challenges present in your environment.

Lean Sensei Certification Program

This is a comprehensive 7-week lean certification program spread across 7-months, and interspersed with graded on-site projects, one-on-one coaching and qualifying exams.  Built upon over 20 years of TSD experience successfully implementing lean systems in hundreds of facilities, the program covers the full range of lean principles, tools and techniques.  Structured to move your people through seven achievement levels, the program provides graduates with those skills needed to assess and analyze most production situations, develop plans to reduce wastes and resolve inefficiencies, and implement those plans to achieve sustainable and continuing improvements.

Program Requirements

Commitment – Participants must commit to the full program, including the time and resources required to complete all achievement levels.

Access – Participants must have access to active production or process-driven environments and the will to participate in the exercises and projects that form an integral part of the certification process.

Project – Participants must propose plans for an approved Lean Project, the details of which will be developed over the course of the program, and completed as a prerequisite to achieving the honorary title of Lean Sensei.

Our thorough approach to all of our certification programs means one thing; as program participants move upward on the level ladder, they acquire both academic and practical knowledge. For our graduates, certification is a meaningful accomplishment, and for their employers, it is a bankable asset.

–John Allen