Lean is a proven success. Yet to implement it successfully, you must manage and guide the change.  This means a serious commitment to culture change, developing and aligning system-wide goals and expectations, and adopting effective methods for deploying policy across the organization. TSD is expert in guiding its clients through these challenges. Our programs target all organizational levels, inspire new behaviors, embed lean values and engage and overcome resistance.


Inclusion is a hallmark of our change management programs; changing to a lean culture affects the attitudes, beliefs and habits of everyone. Our initial focus is on your leaders and supervisors. We educate them to their roles and responsibilities, challenge their presumptions and empirically demonstrate the benefits of change. Next we train them to lead and provide mechanisms for setting expectations and generating results. We educate and train the staff to manage the transition from old culture to new, and then educate and train all personnel in the new standards and expectations.


TSD’s leaders responsible for directing change management efforts are unmatched in their skill and breadth of experience.

John Allen, internationally recognized change management expert and TSD's ChairmanJohn Allen, Chairman of TSD and formerly responsible of all training for Toyota’s first North American facility in Georgetown, KY, is our lead change management specialist. He is an internationally recognized authority and author, and is renowned for his interpersonal skills and their effective use from the boardroom to the shop floor.