TSD is expert at mapping your processes, and uncovering critical and often hidden obstacles to the value stream. We combine this mapping with the use of our own assessment tools to create concise and understandable analyses and proposed solutions. Our approach is time-tested and effective and it, along with some of our assessment tools, have been adapted by the US Air Force as their standard best practices.

We begin by gathering data with your lean leadership team to develop a current state map, which captures the flow of actual operational data as reflected in material, information and time. This process helps the leadership team “see” the waste in their value stream, and understand the full potential of a lean effort.  The map defines the baseline and aides TSD and you in developing a collective future vision of how to operate under the principles of lean. This “visionary” future state map defines projected changes and provides guidance for moving forward.


The mapping process is essential to any lean effort because the information it generates will:

  • Provide a roadmap to improvement, identifying key metrics that will gauge the effort’s success,
  • Serve as a foundation for a visual management system that guides you onto the most direct path to your aims, goals and purposes, and
  • Clarify the level of commitment required to successfully lead and manage such an effort.