United States Air Force Base (Flight Medicine)


Reduce the process time for both patients and staff at the base


Pre-work included: data gathering; lean training and process overview; creating and analyzing current state map; identifying elements of ideal state & creating future state map; developing an action plan; testing the new process and making appropriate adjustments; and continuing the PDCA continuous improvement cycle. The solutions deployed consisted of:

  • Process redesign
  • Workstation redesign
  • Implementation of visual management
  • Education and training of staff
  • Patient education
  • Meetings, education and training with labs and radiology


Reduced time of process

  • Process reduced from 1230 hours to 3.52 hours for flight waiver patients
  • Process reduced from 99.58 hours to 3.52 hours for non- waiver patients
  • Reduced staff time required with patient and handling patient records

Return on Investment

Significant but confidential