TSD specializes in designing comprehensive lean-based production and process systems for both large and small-scale efforts, in a wide range of product and service environments.


We begin with an assessment and analysis of your organization’s essential components.  The result is a current picture that provides us the information needed to build a future state map of the new system.  We design that system by addressing and integrating all those components that “touch” a lean transformation.

We engage leadership and secure commitment to the new system.  This is followed with implementation at a controlled pace under a detailed plan that includes recognized milestones and established metrics with continuous and regular assessments.  So whether our design is for an organization with 25 sites or just one, the result is a system that tailors lean principles and methods to your unique needs.

WHAT IT INVOLVES – The Components

The hallmark of a TSD-designed lean system is the integration of its component parts, listed briefly below; contact us directly to discuss them in detail.

  • Technical System – “how the work gets done”
    • Design & development of the product or service
    • Quality system
    • Standardization of tasks necessary to achieve consistent customer results
  • People System – “who gets the work done”
    • Cultural development
    • Engagement
    • Policy & procedure
    • HR system
    • Supervisory interface
    • Setting expectations
    • Performance management
    • Training
    • Leadership development
    • Assessment
    • Training to competency
    • Making improvements
  • Financial System – “paying for the work”
    • Aligning to organizational goals & financial business performance
    • Setting & monitoring metrics
    • Resolving issues & setting new targets
    • Continuously improving performance based on metrics