“I highly recommend TSD for any of your lean consulting needs.  I’ve used TSD for years to help me achieve my lean objectives. They’ve been instrumental in my successes transferring lean knowledge, principles and processes, helping to meet the needs of both my smaller and larger organizations, from 300 to 6,000 team members; and the cultural changes that took place were unprecedented.”

“I keep returning to TSD because they deliver on their promises to help me reach my business objectives where, with their help, we regularly see double digit improvements in our metrics.”

“I’ve sought out other lean consulting companies and in my experience, none can compare to the breadth of talent that TSD possesses. Many of their consultants were formally trained at Toyota, and they bring with them this particular skill set and a Toyota relationship.  This means we receive fresh insights into the latest lean initiatives.”

Doug FriesenSr. Vice President of Fortune 100 Company

“The TSD team goes beyond theories to explain lean concepts and tools. Their hands-on implementation is direct and they provided us straightforward examples of how to accomplish our goals. Their highly talented experts introduced us to lean and provided us a road map that guided our organization through the transformation; we found this essential not just to achieve our desired business results but to promote the lean thinking and culture change throughout our organization.”

Abd Elnasser HusseinGeneral Manager, Giza Cable, Leading Egyptian power cable manufacturer

“In spite of the complexity of the project and the diversity of the companies involved, TSD has shown a thorough understanding of the Egyptian Industrial Sector, and swiftly realized the nature of Egyptian organizational behavior. We were very impressed by TSD’s analytical approach and rigor throughout the project. Their innovative lean measurement tool helped them to identify superior opportunities and solutions concepts and they guided us excellently through the detailed design and implementation parts of the projects. The knowledge and hands-on experience of TSD’s team were vivid from the very beginning. That helped to secure buy-in and ownership of the new processes by all different company levels in the organization, and we were able to deliver significant productivity improvements and annualized savings. We wish to say thanks to TSD for all the work they did for us. They are extremely dedicated and hardworking consultants. I am extremely grateful to work with their team and I plan to continue working with them in the future.”

Mahmoud El SherbinyProgram Manager, National Suppliers Development Programme, Industrial Modernisation Centre – IMC