TSD provides a full range of lean-Continuous Process Improvement (lean-CPI) training programs, both off-the-shelf and customized, for delivery to all organizational levels. We have over 50 course modules, using simulation, classroom, workshop and seminar formats (all with electronic and/or hardcopy materials), covering the following lean-CPI subject categories:

  • Systems Introduction
  • Basic & Intermediate Tools
  • Advanced Tools
  • Leadership & Change Management
  • Interpersonal Relations & lean-CPI
  • Lean-CPI System Enhancements

A customized curriculum drawn from these courses, paired with projects and exams, comprises our Green Belt, Black Belt and Sensei training programs, leading to certification under TSD’s Lean-CPI Certification Program.

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  • Standard We provide most of our courses in multiple formats, typically from 2 to 8 hours.  Each version is designed to provide instruction and materials appropriate to the level of understanding and performance required by your specific project and time frame.
  • Train-the-Trainer  Also, we offer most of our courses in train-the-trainer formats, designed to convey a deeper level of understanding, necessary to prepare participants for teaching the materials themselves without TSD’s on-site guidance.  They include detailed instructor guides and require additional coaching time.  Due to the requirements for co-teaching and one-on-one coaching-observation time, the number of participants in train-the-trainer sessions is limited and delivery times vary.   Contact us for a more detailed discussion.



  • Stand alone – We provide all standard or customized courseware at your location, in a time frame suited to your individual needs.  These can be grouped into any number of combinations to create on-site workshops to introduce or refine the skill levels of all organizational levels.
  • Integrated – We provide training suited to and integrated with your particular implementation project.  Also, training is an integral part of the TSD’s Lean-CPI Certification Program.


We provide turnkey off-site workshops at the location of your choice covering a wide range of subjects, everything from a one or two day leadership retreat to a four or five day lean boot camp. 
Contact us for a discussion of what suits your needs.


Our programs make a difference and for this we credit our people and content.

  • Our People – We are distinguished from many of our competitors by the caliber of people that teach our courses.  TSD is comprised of dedicated and highly qualified lean systems experts and change management specialists averaging over 15 years of lean experience. Many have significant first-hand employment experience with Toyota Motor Corporation in the Toyota Production System, the very source of those lean principles that serve as the basis of our many services.  And our people not only practice lean, but also lecture and write on its principles for organizations like the U.S. Air Force and Society of Manufacturing Engineers.
  • Our Content – TSD creates and teaches the latest developments in lean.  For years our courseware was the standard in lean instruction for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and we served as lean content experts for their early on-line lean education program..  Since then, our materials have been used by thousands and now they are incorporated into the lean-CPI education and training standards for the US Air Force.