TSD offers customizable solutions for your Value Stream

TSD views our value proposition differently than most consulting firms. We focus on creating holistic and systematic change across your entire enterprise by implementing lean continuous process improvement in a way that is unique to your value stream, needs, and goals.

This doesn’t mean facilitating unconnected events to address isolated efficiencies. It also doesn’t involve introducing you to a new toolset without the understanding of its application within your production system.  But most significantly, we don’t come in for a intrusive assessment and then leave you with a 200 page report on what you should do leaving you to wonder how you should do it.

The difference with TSD

Instead, we work hard right along with your people, learning with them, teaching them, designing a lean system with them that is uniquely yours, and ultimately leaving behind a renewed and sustainable culture.  This transformed culture is nimble, adaptable, thriving, and highly capable of achieving your vision through lean continuous process improvement.  Read through these case studies at the Lean Enterprise Institute to see what is possible and then contact us to begin your journey.

TSD Lean Continuous Process Improvement Capabilities

Culture Change | Enterprise Transformation | Lean Implementation | Training Systems | Leadership Development | Strategy Deployment | Change Management |  Human Systems | Enterprise Assessments | Practical Training | Startup Development | Product Development | Supply Chain Strategy | Innovation | Project Management | Needs Justification |

Results Driven Consulting

A hallmark of all TSD consulting engagements is a quick cost recovery and sustainable results. Our consultants will work to transfer their knowledge to your people and leave you with a system of lean continuous process improvement that ensures that success for posterity.

Flexible Pricing

A la carte – pay as you book appointments

Subscription – 3 levels of subscription package with hours that roll over month to month

Custom – We can cater a pricing model to fit your organization’s needs.

Cancel anytime

Expertise – On-Demand

We’ve developed an innovative consulting model that gives you access to world class expertise for any budget, On-Site or On-Demand. Not every problem requires on-site consultants with their accompanying travel expenses. We focus on the value.

Simple, seamless & only when you need them. Find the right expert for your problem, view their actual availability, schedule and pay. All in under 5 minutes. When comes time for your session, simply follow the link in your email. No downloads. No configuration. Just the help you need when you need it.

Practical Training

Virtual & traditional training methods with a goal of competency. We’ve partnered with world renowned experts in a variety of disciplines to bring you practical & engaging content. Simply put, our material translates to real application.

Leverage our experts to enhance the training. Our experts will present to you a roadmap that gives you confidence that what your team is learning and implementing is consistent with the actual needs of your organization.

20 years of unmatched expertise and flexibility

Every customer has a unique situation requiring a tailored solution. Using a variety of proven lean continuous process improvement methodologies, TSD finds solutions that are customized for you. Whether you need to solve a discrete problem or completely transform your operational model, TSD is here to help.

As a result, our experts take the time to understand your enterprise as not just a series of processes, but as an system of people and processes striving to achieve your business strategy. In guiding change, we factor in differences in values and incomplete alignment, with the same care as nurturing a garden to fruition.