About TSD: What We Believe About the Future

We believe the US and the World are on the verge of a manufacturing revolution which will allow unprecedented efficiencies in the creation of goods.  Lean continuous process improvement must be at the forefront of this revolution in order to maximize the potential of the coming changes.  Furthermore, the person adding value (those on the shop floor, hospital ward, or front lines) will continue to be THE CRITICAL PERSON in the value stream, and every effort must be made to free them to maximize their potential to the customer, to the business or the mission, to themselves, and to their co-workers.  As a result, leaders’ and managers’ every effort must be in support of the value adder and in the elimination of waste.  The value stream will always be a system of interconnected and interdependent functions and processes, no one of which should be improved in isolation from the others.  We’ve seen that there are extraordinary amounts of waste in any value stream and allowing a team to eliminate that waste is an investment of extraordinary return to your company.  We believe the future is in
Total Systems Development.

Lean Continuous Process Improvement specialists