TSD has successfully worked across DoD for more than a decade
    to implement Lean-Six Sigma.


    TSD was the principal author of the first
    Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (AFSO21) Playbook
    and co-designed their Master Process Officer Certification Program.


    TSD experts have a depth of experience in Lean-Six Sigma process improvement,
    operations, project and program management, and engineering.


    Let TSD’s experts bring Best Practices from world class companies to
    public sector workplaces — municipal, state, and federal.

TSD is your expert partner in sustained process improvements

What makes us distinct?

  • Unique approach that includes a systems-wide perspective and a true partnership with you in building better processes
  • Highly qualified people with years of experience successfully implementing improvements top-down and bottom-up
  • Focus on your time-sensitive missions
  • Demonstrated and practical path to culture change
  • Emphasis on developing a learning organization
  • Our organization of diverse thinkers and backgrounds – we have seen many things, good and bad; we think differently than you
  • We engage, train and mentor executive/command leadership for their demanding and critical role in sustainable change
  • Emphasis on sustainability by developing your in-house expertise as we go, fostering self-reliance, not dependency on us

What do we provide?

  • Mission critical quality process improvement that promotes reliability and accountability using ideal manpower staffing
  • Time-sensitive strategic systems design and planning
  • Customized training for competency at all organizational levels
  • Certification programs for internal continuous process improvement excellence
  • Implementation of tactical and strategic programs
  • Proven techniques that align improvements to leadership, culture change and management goals
  • Coaching and mentoring to all levels of organization or command
  • Relationships with other consultants that ease your access to world class services

What do you get?

When you engage TSD, you receive verifiable value.

  • Enhanced critical thinking skill set – challenge to the status quo
  • Meaningful improvements with quality outcomes on time and on cost
  • More value for your allocated budget with quantifiable savings
  • System of self-generating, sustainable and standardized change
  • Trained and functioning internal experts to carry on the created standards
  • Rapid and agile access to subject matter expertise through our experts and business partners

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– Up to $22 million direct award
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What have we achieved?

For over a decade, TSD and our personnel have helped the military and other government agencies develop service-wide lean-continuous process improvement programs and implement successful initiatives. Our accomplishments include:

  • Principal author of the USAF Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Playbook
  • Co-designer of the University of Tennessee Master Process Officer Lean Certification Program
  • Providing lead support in developing strategic plans central to Air Combat Command’s (ACC) improvement program
  • Developing a “create-sustain-demand” process that provided ACC leadership the ability to assess program performance against strategic plans and evaluate the adequacy, at the installation level, of components essential for an effective CPI effort
  • Raising the visibility and results of installation CPI initiatives, thereby increasing mission readiness and providing ACC leadership critical information in the development of its future vision
  • Providing lead support in developing the CPI roadmap and rollout plan (strategic plans) for ACC leadership
  • Co-authored analysis of technical alternatives for the General Services Administration’s Integrated Award Environment, which included the System for Award Management (SAM), Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), Federal Business Opportunities (FBO), et al
  • Documented major command level processes and re-engineered them to run more efficiently from a central location with half the existing workforce

How we work

TSD delivers a characteristic and distinctive approach to continuous process improvement.

  • We align to mission critical requirements.
  • We regularly team with experts to provide the optimum solutions.
  • We engage the workforce on all organizational levels.
  • We build disciplined habitual behaviors, so requirements and expectations become instinct.
  • We work to a plan, balancing “quick wins” – immediate opportunities for real returns – with long-term goals.
  • We teach a whole systems perspective to lean.
  • We balance the drive to build a lean culture with the need for a valued return on investment.
  • We conduct regular and frequent progress and performance reviews to ensure projects are on time and on track.
  • We train leadership and workforce personnel to develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills characteristic of an efficient lean system.

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