United States Air Force Base with over 5,000 personnel


The objectives of the yearlong effort were to establish a self-sustaining lean-CPI culture across every Group on the base, and improve processes, produce fully certified facilitators, and develop base infrastructure to sustain the culture in the future.


TSD designed and implemented a multi-tiered training and certification program based upon lean-CPI principles and methods that were compatible with the AFSO21 (Air Force’s continuous process improvement initiative). Our program consisted of a cascading series of growingly-complex sets of CPI training and implementation events and mentoring activities, designed to develop an ever-enlarging foundation of on-base expertise.


The program resulted in: (i) over 40 Certified Level 1 Facilitators, and 8 certified Level 2 Facilitator Instructors, and over 1500 trained employees; (ii) significant process improvements in all four Functional Group areas; and (iii) installation of an organic, self-sustaining process and supporting infrastructure to generate additional Level 1 and Level 2 Facilitators capable of driving further improvements and growing a lean-CPI culture.

Return on Investment

46 fold return