TSD provides supplemental and continuing coaching and mentoring support for all levels of leadership.  While the concepts of lean-Continuous Process Improvement (lean-CPI) are fundamental, they are not always intuitive. Putting those concepts into action and implementing a multifaceted system can be a daunting task. For those leading the change, it takes time to master the skills necessary to command the organizational and human processes, time that is not always available.

Our programs, both formal and informal, take the time to deepen participants’ understanding of lean-CPI and enhance their ability to apply it in unfamiliar situations. They target executives, managers and group and team leaders, promoting personal growth while keeping them result-focused and on-track. Our one-on-one programs are designed to resolve individual and project-specific lean-CPI challenges. Our group programs focus on leadership development and alignment among key personnel.

Our people served as mentors to Air Force Master Process Officer candidates (and they were central to the design of their training program), and recently we provided a program on the skills and qualities necessary to become mentors for the Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command.