US shoe, apparel and sports equipment manufacturer


The objectives were to design and implement a proprietary lean-based system for over a dozen production facilities within the client’s Asian-centered supplier network, and establish a mechanism for generating organic lean capability.


TSD designed a comprehensive, cohesive lean-based production system focused on the needs of the shoe and apparel industry. This included a strategy for implementation, including controlled and detailed plans with recognized milestones, established metrics, and a focus upon both short and long-term goals. In addition, TSD established a “Lean Academy,” with custom designed curricula and content that served as a regional resource for training in-house expertise throughout the network.


The program resulted in the installation of lean systems in over half the supplier network, along with established implementation efforts in the remaining plants.  The total projected savings over the next four years was $440 million. Also, the program established a Lean Academy for use as a resource and training mechanism throughout the network.

Return on Investment

50 fold return